Here we are: those of “Chef at Home”

I’m Massimiliano Marzi, first to start when I was 20 years old; I’m the creator and the “motivator” of “Chef at Home”.

I’m an estate agent, specialized in touristic accomodations; I worked some years as a waiter and as a chef’s assistant, then I thought to take advantage of my passion as a chef at home. Success drove me to look for a partner, Daniele Cortinove, a professional chef. We usually go and look at the site to verify avaible facilities and to increase them, if necessary. Depending on the event and customer’s budget, we propose 4/5 menus, we make grocery shopping and we cook on site.
(from an interview by Massimiliano on “Millionaire” of number 10 October 2008).

Now our cooking team is so composed: Massimiliano, Luca, Margherita, Jessica.

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